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Who are We

The Secret of a Happy Relationship™ began with Aurelia Haslboeck, a teacher of self-realization and personal transformation who conducts workshops and classes in the United States, Germany, and Austria. Aurelia originally created The Secret of a Happy Relationship™ as a personalized wedding gift for a few close friends. Her gift was such a hit that she decided it should be mass-produced, and in 2001, she approached award-winning graphic designer, Gabrielle Raumberger, with this idea.

Gabrielle, an avid student of Aurelia’s, personally knew the benefits of the guide from having practiced it in her relationships, proposed her studio design The Secret of a Happy Relationship™ as a line for friends, families, co-workers, and roommates, as well as couples. Gabrielle’s expertise in product packaging, along with Aurelia’s success in empowering others to take quantum leaps in personal growth, formed the perfect blend for this venture.

For the last twelve years, the guide has been experienced by hundreds with great results. But until now, there hasn’t been a forum to share these relationship stories, challenges, and successes. It is our wish to create a community of people who want to share the benefits and discuss the pitfalls they have encountered on the road to stable happiness. And to inspire others to experience the joy of living authentic, honest lives to create a world where happiness is the norm.


Mission Statement

The mission of EPOS Concepts, Inc. is to create unique products that promote joy, laughter, and beauty and provide an avenue for opening the heart and mind to new possibilities.

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