olivia newton
“Gabrielle has co-created a guide that I think is of interest to everyone.
It’s healing, therapeutic and fun!”

Olivia Newton-John
Singer/Songwriter, Actress


 Rachel Ashwell




“I started using it three months ago and I think what’s interesting about it,
is that it’s a non-confrontational and fun way to communicate.
I’m also attracted to the simple design. It’s aesthetically appealing and looks nice on a table or on a shelf.”

Rachel Ashwell
Founder of Shabby Chic,
TV Host and Author


“I like using it because it means my husband and I have to expose our emotions. It enables us to dig deeper and ultimately come out in a better place. By making time to use the guide regularly we are making time for our relationship, checking in with each other and letting go of minor issues that in the past accumulated into larger arguments.”

Mary Frances Feider, Microsoft Executive


“I feel that men need all the help they can get to better express their emotions. This guide helps and it is fun. And the guide could save you thousands of $$$ in therapy.”

Ottmar Liebert, International Musician, President Spiral Subwave Records


When my boss asked me to try “The Secret of a Happy Relationship™”, I got scared. I did not know if it was appropriate to be that open in a working environment. When we sat down at the end of the week and exchanged our stones, the unexpected occurred. The fears I had about revealing my feelings disappeared as I finally addressed them. The Secret of a Happy Relationship™ is a real life communication tool. The negative and positive issues discussed with my boss made our working relationship more efficient and definitely more enjoyable as we have now a better understanding of what we expect from each other and what we stand for.

Francesca Balistreri, Administrative Assistant


“What a pleasant surprise! This simple, yet effective guide created an environment that allowed feelings to be openly examined. The outcome was an even closer bond with the one I love. Even if you think things are going great, there’s always room for stronger communications.

Mauro Monteiro, Poet


“My husband and I had lived together for 8 years before we married. I was convinced I knew him very well. My sister gave us The Secret of a Happy Relationship™ as a wedding present and I had an eye-opening experience. Through using the guide, I realized just how little I really knew my husband and how much of my knowledge of him originated in interpretations and projections. With all my heart I am grateful for the guide because it brought the person I love most even closer to me, and made us truly familiar with each other. In the meantime, 12 years have passed and the most beautiful thing in our marriage is our deep love and ongoing happiness. We internalized the message of the game and it became the foundation of our marriage.”

Manuela Auerbacher, Business Owner, Germany


“I always thought of myself as being a sensitive man in touch with my feelings and able to express them. When we started to use The Secret of a Happy Relationship™, I realized how many feelings I could not easily identify with and consequently, had never expressed. The guide really helped me to get to know myself on a very deep level and to share myself fully with my wife.”

Michael Auerbacher, Architect, Germany


“A dear friend gave me The Secret of a Happy Relationship™ at a time when I was going through many life changes. For six months, I’ve put stone after stone into my box, which made it possible for my feelings to find their way out of their sometimes sad and dark places into words. Due to our willingness to engage completely with the guide, our communication became more loving and understanding of each other grew. We learned that honesty and love create incredible intimacy and trust. I look forward to the day once a week when we open our boxes, and share our feelings, and continue to get to know each other better and better.”

Melanie Spießl, Germany


“My friend Serena and I had known each other for many, many years and our friendship was great. So when a friend gave us The Secret of a Happy Relationship™, we did not think we had a use for it but started to play just for fun. Little did we know how many things did not get expressed out of fear of hurting the other person or risking the wonderful friendship we had. Thanks to the guide we learned to replace co-dependency with trust.”

Karin Längin, Business Owner, Germany